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And be ready for an upcoming and completely new Sad Cats collection! As a teaser – you met some of them as SG companions.
Yes-yes, mr. Purr-Purr, God of Mouses…

Sad Girl




Sad Cat


Those who will collect all-three — Sad Girl, Skeletongue and Sad Cat will have an opportunity to create a SUPER-NFT — it will look like a poster-style bar story with all the heroes!

10 000 NFT hand-drawn & drown in sadness...
350+ traits combinations for beautiful
Sad Girls have no-fun in a noir Bar located
in Ethereum blockchain.
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There is a place in this damn city, a shelter for the dark souls. You could find a companion here and have something to drink. Late night, you walk the street, it’s so cold and raining...

Your eyes, are almost blinded by the heavy rain, suddenly spotted a pale shimmering light on the other side of the road.

What is there? A bar?... Narrowing eyes hardly could read... A neon sign says “Sad Girls Bar”...

You step in. In a seconds being warmly embraced by the light scent of cigarette smoke mixed with perfume… You pull off your wet leather jacket... Do you feel it? Something so familiar, but what is this... Patchouly or oud, or...

You look around, slowly. Walls and floor are covered by amber light from small table lamps. You slowly dissolve, rest in peace and comfy atmosphere.

Few silhouettes are here and there. When you come closely to the bar desk, there is a girl.

Sad girl with eyes wide shut.
Does her face seem familiar to you?

Something starts to rushing inside your chest... And suddenly you hear her words, that are almost silent “Hmm... you could sit next to me”.


- We wipe all the tears in Sad Girls Bar.

- We launch the next project, Sad Girls companions — Skeletongues.

- Our beautiful art is a must for merchandise. Holders get a chance to have a hoodie, t-shirt, bag or sticker pack depending on the number of Sad Girls they call from the bar.

- In collaboration with bartenders from one of the “The World's 50 Best Bars” list we publish a NFT-book containing cocktail recipes.

- We will record an album with
an acclaimed jazz musician (TBA).

- We transfer 10 ETH to support “Women Side by Side” — a program of peer support for women delivered by Mind and Agenda, the alliance for women and girls at risk. We take emotions seriously and sometimes being sad or upset is OK, but conditions after emotional burnouts, selfharm episodes or suicide thoughts often need a helping hand, support and all attention.

For information about program and Agenda click here.
For information about Mind click here.

- Our ultimate dream is to open the Sad Girls Bar in Metauniverse.

350 traits
Background Nose piercing Hands Body Ear piercing Signature Tattoo Clothing Companion Mouth Bracelet Hair Eye Outerwear Head item Halo