Sad Cats Story

Cats are ok being Sad. They are at peace with it. They can feel joy and welcome it, but they don’t need constant joy to be content.

By nature they are most comfortable being around humans that are most like them. Humans that are outside the mainstream, that don’t need some celebrity’s approval, that are ok sleeping during the day and being alive at night.
Cats seek people that have come to accept who they are and embrace it. People that won’t judge them. Won’t try to put silly clothes on them and carry them around in their purses.
Cats don’t need your sympathy OR your approval.

They go to Sad Girls Bar because that’s where they are comfortable, that’s where their people are…

Sad Cats are a breed all their own, when they enter the room the darkest sense of glamour rides shotgun.


The perfect companion for even the most melancholy of Sad Girls…
Sad Cats are equal parts vogue and plague.

They exude goth fashion and take the classic feline "all about me" attitude to terrifying new heights.

Glamorous and cruel Sad Cats steal the spotlight wherever they roam, making mice of all who enter the Sad Girls Bar.

7 000 cats

“I love to say that being bald
is better than wear gold.

One dry martini please.
No shakes, no hairs.”


“I love being here, listening to all the bar talks. Some people think my voice is too loud but this place is noisy, so many Girls, Skeletongues and now Cats. The bartender always can hear me ordering my next Meowgroni.”


“I swear I was the first one who came here with one Golden Sad Girl back in the days. Make me vodka on the bones, let me jump on your shoulder and listen to my story that is cracking like ice inside your glass…”


“Well, when you think of a cat, it should be Shorthair, no doubts! Hanging at this Bar I become like a Shot-hair. One shot of tequila for me please.”

Maine Coon

“Legends say that this Bar was built around me as when I was sleeping here and no one dared to move me.
Long Island Iced Tea, mix it in a bucket and serve with a straw.”

Maine Coon

“How shick are my cheeks!

Oops, I throw your glass of Bloody Mary. Actually not oops, I threw it down because I wanted to. Not original recipe, sorry.”

Cat bowls

100 Sad Cats are reserved for giveaways and other community needs. And yes for teasing them sometimes.

But just a little.


Purr-purr and ekekekkekkek.

And 1 rare Sad Cat giveaway.


Sometimes you dress your cat, sometimes your cat dresses you.

  • Merch drop for holders — pins, hoodies, hats… Everything with Sad Cats!

    Available in a special merch store on our site.


They do always care about our meowtal health.

  • 5 ETH to an animal care fund. The community will vote to pick the right one.


First-ever made NFT with a special function “Jump on holder’s face at 3 am”.

  • Merch drop for your cats! Feeding bowls, toys, apparel…

    Available in a special merch store opened on our site.